Jan. 17 2018 - 17:01

Residents Asked to Return Stolen Holiday Decorations Outside St. Petersburg

Residents of a Russian town near St. Petersburg were issued an unusual request from the mayor’s office after the holiday season.

Local authorities say that the main Christmas tree in the town of Sosnovy Bor was stripped bare of all but the topmost ornaments during the New Year holidays, local authorities said Tuesday. 

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A statement on the city hall’s website simply said: “Return the Ornaments.” 

“Otherwise, there will be nothing with which to decorate the tree next year,” the Sosnovy Bor City Hall wrote Tuesday. 

Vladimir Sadovsky, the head of the Sosnovy Bor urban district, said that locals could leave the stolen decorations — including 30-centimeter-wide ornaments — under the tree. 

“So far, no one has returned anything,” Sadovsky told the local website.

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