Dec. 18 2017 - 12:12

Finnish Journalist's Home Searched After Reporting on Russian Military

Laura Halminen / Twitter

Police in Finland have reportedly searched the home of a journalist who published a report about a Finnish military program that tracked Russian troop movements. 

The investigative report, published by the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat on Saturday, was accused of disclosing state secrets and has resulted in a criminal probe. It detailed the country’s defence intelligence agency’s efforts to track Russian troop movements near St. Petersburg and was based on previously leaked documents.

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Police officers searched the house of one of the authors of the report, Laura Halminen, without a warrant on Sunday, Helsingin Sanomat reported. Police seized her laptop and other electronic devices in their four-hour search. 

“I believe these events are very disconcerting when it comes to the operational preconditions of the press and the protection of sources [in Finland],” Kaius Niemi, the editor of Helsingin Sanomat, was cited as saying by the Helsinki Times on Monday. 

Before the police search, Halminen had destroyed her computer hard drive with a hammer to avoid compromising her sources, the RBC business portal reported.

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