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#5837 — Jul 13


What the World Cup Meant to Russia’s Kids

The monthlong tournament may be over, but Russia’s budding footballers see a lasting legacy.


Russia and Vodka: A History Primer

Before you pour your ritual Friday evening shot of cold vodka, read this. There's more to Russia's favorite spirit than you think!


What Will Russia Do With Its Giant World Cup Stadiums?

The hosts have been left with a herd of white elephants.


In the Emperors' Closets

The new Costume Gallery at the Hermitage Museum brings old clothes to light.


Moscow Museums and the World Cup

Check out these five football-themed exhibits at Moscow's greatest museums and galleries and keep the World Cup spirit alive a little longer.


Russian Football Squad Are Social Media's Newest Stars

The stars of Russia’s World Cup football squad have seen a massive spike in their social media followers after their team’s unexpected run into the quarterfinals.


A Sneak Peek at the Souvenirs of World Cup Fans

Which souvenirs are World Cup fans picking up in Russia to take back home?


FIFA: Near-Perfect Fan Attendance at World Cup 2018

FIFA says it has recorded a near-perfect attendance rate at World Cup games in Russia this summer.


Kokoshniki Are Russia’s Latest Inside Joke

The traditional headdresses became a hit after a Russian family wearing them and munching on hot dogs became a widespread meme.


Meeting Russians in the Regions Will Be My World Cup Souvenir (Op-ed)

I glimpsed lives I hadn't known existed but nonetheless felt remarkably familiar.


Retired Opposition Mayor Yevgeny Roizman Predicts a Crackdown

The end of the World Cup will bring Russia back to a harsh reality.


Thanks For the (Linguistic) Memories

Foreigners leave Russia with kokoshniki and happy memories. What do they leave behind? Words, of course!

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