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#5836 — Jul 11


Insider Shopping in St. Petersburg

Traditional souvenir shops selling matryoshka dolls, amber jewelry and fur hats are easy to spot in St. Petersburg. But where do the locals go to find a special ...


In the World Cup Friend Zone, Tinder Rules

A surge in Tinder matches during the World Cup has some Russians unusually spoiled for choice.


What to Expect From The Helsinki Summit (Op-ed)

The Kremlin’s expectations are high — too high, given the limited scope of the discussion.


The English Stamp on Moscow's History

Three architectural spots spanning four centuries represent the long history of England in Moscow


Medical Staff for Russian Team Argue 'Smelling Salts Are Legal'

Medical staff with Russia’s national team have denied allegations that the country’s players took substances to increase their fitness levels.


Russia’s Only Foreign-Born Player Thanks Fans

“I thank God for having brought me to Russia,” defender Mario Fernandes wrote on Instagram.


Russian Comedian Who Mocked Team Apologizes for Skepticism

Semyon Slepakov, a famous Russian singer-songwriter who wrote a parody song about the country’s dismal chances in the World Cup, has now released a statement thanking the team ...


Croatian Player Sparks War of Words With Pro-Ukrainian Video Statement

FIFA has sanctioned a Croatian football player and coach for making pro-Ukrainian statements after their team’s victory over Russia in the World Cup on Saturday.


Great Belgian, English, and French Joints in Moscow (Waiting on Croatian)

Every semifinalist is already a winner, and you can celebrate your team's success at these fantastic pubs and restaurants.


Kremlin Says U.S. Senator's Comparison of Russian Leadership to Mafia is 'Russophobic'

“There is no political philosophy in Russia. It’s sort of like saying, what’s the political philosophy of the mafia?”


Conspiracy Theories Make the World Cup Go Round

The World Cup has been fodder for conspiracy theorists with Putin at their center.


Russian Enough, but for How Long?

Will Russia still be friendly to foreigners after the World Cup? I hope so.


Hear Arvo Pärt in Moscow

This Estonian composer is the most played living composer in the world.


Far and Wide: The Secret Life of Goalposts

Who says football pitches are flat and green, that goalposts are made out of metal and that fields are made for playing football?


Black Sea Tourists Warned: Water Too Cold, Air Too Hot

Tourists at southern Russia’s Black Sea resorts have been instructed not to swim in water described as abnormally cold for summer, while regional authorities warned that the temperature ...


LGBT World Cup Fans Stage Stealth Protests in Moscow

They may look like ordinary football fans, but their rainbow-colored shirts reveal a hidden message of tolerance that they say is sorely lacking in Russia.


Russia's Rating Agency Says More Sanctions Are Key Economic Risk

The possibility of more Western sanctions against Moscow is the key risk for the Russian economy, as much of 21 percent of which has already felt the impact ...


After Russia's Shock World Cup Run, Fans Ask: 'Where Was Putin?'

As Russia's World Cup dream ended with defeat to Croatia, some football fans noted the absence from the stadium of President Vladimir Putin.

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