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#5823 — Jun 11


Russia's New Monitoring System Will Track Weather for World Cup

Russia’s Meteorological Service has announced a new monitoring system to help visitors track the weather during the World Cup.


Volgograd Workers Raise Alarm Over Mass Layoffs

As many as 3,000 workers have been temporarily laid off because of the new World Cup safety measures.


Russian State Companies Spend Millions on VIP Ticket Craze for World Cup

Thirteen tenders on the government’s official state procurement website total 200 million rubles.


Ministry Denies Destroying Gulag Prison Records

Minister Igor Zubov denies the existence of an alleged 2014 interdepartmental order calling for the removal of files belonging to gulag victims older than 80.


Russia’s Forgotten Football Dreams (Op-ed)

A lot has changed for Russia since it bid to host the World Cup.


On North Korea, Trump Has Putin Playing Second Fiddle (Op-ed)

Moscow is pulling out all the stops to get a seat at the table.

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