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#5815 — Jan 29


At the FIFA World Cup This Summer, Russia Will Be Playing for a Miracle

Russia might be hosting the World Cup, but it won’t lift the trophy


Russia's Next Prime Minister Is In for a Tough Ride (Op-ed)

When problems arise, the prime minister is vulnerable to attack from all sides.


Russia's Leadership Is Facing a Succession Dilemma (Op-ed)

Putin is no longer the solution to any of Russia's problems, even the problem of picking his own successor.


Russia's Feminists Work to Smash the Taboo

More women are putting themselves forward, but Russia’s feminists still feel left out


NGOs in Russia: Do They Still Stand a Chance? (Op-ed)

The Kremlin is steadily ramping up its control over civil society


Russia's Human Rights Groups No Longer Have a Role Model (Op-ed)

The former Soviet Union is clinging on to values that reflect the worst of the current world order


Russia's Media Bigwigs Weigh In on 2018

Will the graduates of the KGB and the FSB continue to dominate the top layer of Russian officials?


The Kremlin Won't Tolerate Hooligans at Its World Cup (Op-ed)

The chances of large-scale football-related clashes at this summer’s event are about as low as the likelihood of Russia’s national team lifting the trophy


A World Cup to Learn From (Op-ed)

It will be a World Cup which will change everything. And if not everything, then a lot.


How to Monitor Russia's Next Election (Op-ed)

The authorities will go out of their way to show that everything proceeds fairly on Election Day itself. But it is up to monitors to reveal the entire ...


Starving Wolf No Longer: Can Russia Sustain Its Military? (Op-ed)

Not only is the Russian military actually unlikely to withdraw from Syria, it will probably continue operations there.


The Kremlin’s Ticking Tech Bomb (Op-ed)

On the eve of the election, protests are feeding the Kremlin’s already high level of internet paranoia


Digital Technology Will Move Russia Forward (Op-ed)

Of all the technological trends that will affect Russians in2018, the spread of digital services will be the most important.


Russia’s Economic Recovery Remains a Challenge

Putin’s choice of economic model in 2018 will set Russia’s course for the next decade


The Classical Arts in 2018: Not Resting on Laurels

Not every arts venue has finalized its schedule for 2018, but we've already spotted some great events


The Adequate American Leaves Russia (Op-ed)

I went on Russian TV where "Western” guests are brought on to be ridiculed to see what it was like


U.S. Sanctions Risk Backing Russia Into a Corner (Op-ed)

If the U.S. tightens sanctions, Moscow will retaliate


Eight Russian Films to Watch in 2018

Is the Russian film industry going to keep up last year's successes?


In 2018, Russian Media Outlets Face These 4 Challenges (Op-ed)

Тhe Russian media landscape this year is likely to be shaped by four trends.

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