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#5812 — Oct 09


With IKEA, ‘Later’ Finally Arrived

I’m convinced that there isn’t a family in Moscow who doesn’t have IKEA frozen meatballs in the freezer


Moscow's Culinary Renaissance

Moscow food scene has expanded dramatically over the past decade


That Was the Moscow That Was

If you lived in Moscow in the 90s, you'll remember this


Russia's Economic Lost Chance (Op-ed)

In the fall of 1992, Russia was just starting on its path of economic transformation.


Moscow Then and Now

Not since Josef Stalin’s first General Plan for the Reconstruction of Moscow in 1935 has the Russian capital changed so radically and so quickly.


Designing The Moscow Times

The designer of The Moscow Times shares his experience in creating the first newspaper layout


Waking the Russian Spirit of Urbanism (Op-ed)

Never again will Russians be content with dull and uninspired public spaces


25 Russian Words For 25 Years: Part Two

This week I begin my trek through time stuck in a traffic jam. The place: Moscow. The year: 2005.


The Evolution of Homo Sovieticus to Putin’s Man

The tumultuous decades have left their mark on Russians' inner life


The First Post-Soviet Decade Was the Happiest Time of My Life (Op-ed)

For most of my generation the 1990s remain a territory of freedom


Monuments, Culture and Unbreakable Bonds

The German Ambassador to Russia shares his view on Russian-German relations


Russian Military Strategy, Stuck in the Past

It’s amazing how little has changed in the strategic outlook of the Russian military


Things Ain’t the Way They Used to Be

Business in Russia today may be more stable, but it is not as much fun for foreigners


Derk Sauer on Journalism, Russia and Being a Black Sheep

The founder of The Moscow Times looks back


25 Russian Words For 25 Years: Part One

To celebrate The Moscow Times' 25th anniversary, I'm walking down a linguistic memory lane...

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