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#5800 — Apr 20


7 Places to Pick Up a Souvenir Your Relatives Might Actually Like

Instead of cramming your suitcase with nesting dolls and wooden spoons, search these shops for auteur scarves, modern pottery, cheeky rings, and historic porcelain.


Moscow: News and Openings

Steaks, burgers, authentic Chinese and more: the most recent openings in Moscow


God and the Selfie Generation: A Monastery Reborn

The twin gates of the Vysoko-Petrovsky Monastery beckon visitors into an oasis away from central Moscow’s noisy streets.


José Bustamante: Peruvian in Moscow

José Roberto Rodríguez Bustamante is an actor, a poet, and the Counsellor at the Peruvian embassy in Russia.


Nofar, so Good

It’s no surprise that Morocco has attracted generations of Western travelers in the last century: Tantalizingly close to Europe, it’s an intoxicating assault on the senses.


Happiness on Canvas: Serebryakova at the Tretyakov

It’s fitting that the Tretyakov Gallery’s major retrospective dedicated to Zinaida Serebryakova coincides with the arrival of spring in Moscow. The current exhibition focuses on the Russian period ...


Ukrainian Beats Steal a March on Moscow

Pop singers from Ukraine are topping Russian charts despite tension between the countries.


How to Talk Like a Russian Diplomat

Not every diplomat can become an overnight “хит интернета” (Internet hit) after just one speech at the United Nations. That honor goes to Vladimir Safronkov, deputy permanent representative ...


Putin Will Be Forced to Act on Chechnya's Anti-Gay Purge

Reports of at least three deaths and hundreds of arrests of gay men in Chechnya have shocked the world. International pressure is the key to saving lives.


Road Rage: How a New Tax Has Turned Dagestan's Truckers Into Russia's Most Stoic Protesters

A road tax that could cut truckers’ salaries by half is escalating one of Russia’s most enduring protests.


Russian TV to Trump: It’s Over. We’re With Kim Jong-un Now

State TV has executed an abrupt U-turn on Trump, and is now embracing North Korea. But it is too early to equate media posturing with official policy.


Russia’s Glare Turns to Home-Grown Threats

For a time, Russian authorities could claim to have managed the threat of domestic terrorism. But the St. Petersburg metro bombing on April 3 showed that the threat ...

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