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#5792 — Feb 16


Moscow Restaurants: News and Openings

From a restaurant with a view on the 52nd floor to cheap pan-Asian food on the outskirts, here's our latest selection of new places in Moscow.


Hijab Politics: A Russian Village on the Frontlines of Religious Dispute

A ban on Islamic headscarves in Mordovia has ignited a nationwide debate over the line between religion and state.


Meat Market

One of the latest additions to the food court at Danilovsky Market, which has been undergoing major renovation for the last year, PrimeBeef Bar is a cafe by ...


Nemtsov, Epitaph to the New Russia

Two years after the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov in central Moscow, a documentary film about his life titled “The Man Who Was Too Free” is set ...


Ladies' Man

Photographer Denis Piel has just opened his first exhibition in Russia, “Film Stills,” at the Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography.


Inside A Hacker’s Mind

Fifteen years ago, Sergei Pavlovich was a leading player in Russian-language cyber-crime. Today, he suggests electoral systems are ripe for abuse.


Golden Mask Awards Return to Moscow Theaters

The 23rd edition of Russia's biggest annual performing arts and theater festival began on Feb. 14 and will continue until mid-April.


8 Things to Do During Maslenitsa Pancake Week

Maslenitsa, or Pancake Week, is the last week before Lent and marks the end of winter. The Moscow Times has compiled a list of the city's most interesting ...


Defying State Conservatism, Russia's Drag Queens Strut On

The pay is lousy and the threat of violence is real, but these performers say life's a drag without their art


Taking It Slow, Russian-Style

You’d think I’d be used to Moscow winters by now, but by mid-February I’m like a big balloon with a slow leak, deflating and falling behind in everything. ...


All Eyes On Munich As Russia Feels Out New U.S. Administration

10 years after Putin's controversial speech at the Munich Security Conference, Russia is playing it cool. No major Russian initiatives are expected this year. Rather, the Russian delegation ...


Grand Settlements Aren’t Working in Ukraine (Op-Ed)

The status quo in Donbass is unsustainable. But a political settlement still seems distant — despite renewed speculation to the contrary.

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