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#5787 — Jan 12


Moscow Restaurants: News & Openings

from craft beer to khinkali dumplings - our selection of new restaurants


Ruski: New Russian Cuisine Above the Clouds

Ruski is a new restaurant on the 85th floor of OKO, the highest skyscraper in the Moskva City neighborhood. Part of the 354 Exclusive Height project created by ...


UK and Russia after Trump and Brexit: What’s Next?

Only a change in government policy by Russia will provoke a change in Britain’s policy toward Russia. But there's no sign that it's happening.


Russian Historical Revisionism Goes to the Movies

Earning a record-breaking billion rubles in nine days, the historical Russian film “Viking” is confidently marching to the number one spot at the box office. It may even ...


The Treasure Guardian: Keeping the Kremlin Jewels Safe

The woman entrusted with preserving Tsarist Russia’s masterpieces enjoys a famous name and the support of the President. But that doesn’t make her job easy.


Have a Very Jazzy Weekend

For lovers of jazz who maxed out their credit cards over the holiday, Moscow's jazz clubs come to the rescue. The newly opened Jam Club is offering some ...


Seven Ideas to Help You Get Back into Shape

Russia’s weeklong New Year’s holiday is finally over. Whether you spent it in Moscow winding your way from one house party to another in the time-honored Russian tradition, ...


Moscow on Stage: The Celebration Goes On

If you’re still in a bit of a holiday mood, here are two performances you might want to catch over the next week. Pleasure – guaranteed.


The Voyage Home: What Russia's Withdrawal Means for Syria

Even with its naval battlegroup headed for home, Russia is not withdrawing from Syria. It is merely changing posture.


"I'm Shocked, Just Shocked!" in Three Russian Letters

Today we’re going to master how to blurt out surprise in Russian. First up: Опа! — almost always printed with an exclamation mark.


Russia Is No Nirvana: How Yogis Are Becoming a Persecuted Minority

An innocuous blend of gymnastics and Eastern philosophy increasingly popular with Russians has found itself the latest target of a series of repressive laws aimed at squeezing out ...

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