About Us

About Us

The Moscow Times is Russia’s leading, independent English-language publication. Our mission is to provide foreigners and internationally oriented Russians with up to the minute news, engaging stories and well-researched journalism about the largest country on earth.

We pride ourselves on adhering to the highest journalistic standards. All editorial decisions are made independently by our newsroom team of editors and reporters, a practice that has been in place since the publication founding in 1992.

The views and opinions expressed in opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the position of The Moscow Times.

Where to Find Us

The Moscow Times Weekly is distributed free of charge in more than 500 locations in Moscow — business centers, restaurants, bars, hotels, sports clubs, medical centers and on international airlines. It is also delivered by subscription to individual and corporate clients.

Older issues can be found on The Moscow Times' web site. PDF issues go back to 2001, while our archive contains nearly 130,000 articles dating back to 1994.

Our postal address:
3 Polkovaya Ul., Bldg. 1
Moscow, Russia 127018
tel: 7 (495) 234-3223
fax: 7 (495) 232-6529

Get in Touch

Has something you've read in our publication startled you? Are you angry, excited, puzzled or pleased? Do you have ideas for improving our coverage? Then write to us: mt.editorial@imedia.ru. Please include your full name, the city from which you are writing and your telephone number.

For questions related to our subscription services, please write to subscription@imedia.ru.

If you are interested in placing an advertisement in our publications (either print or online), please write to our sales department: mt.adv@imedia.ru.

If you see an error in print version or on web page please write to mt.corrections@imedia.ru.

Editorial Staff

  • Mikhail Fishman — Editor in Chief 
  • Oliver Carroll — Managing Editor 
  • Alexey Kovalev — Head of News 
  • Kevin Rothrock — Web Editor
  • Daria Gashek — Art Director
  • Daria Litvinova — Society and Politics 
  • Eva Hartog — Society and Politics
  • Matthew Bodner — Business, Space, and Defense 
  • Ola Cichowlas — News and Features 
  • Matthew Kupfer — News Reporter
  • Bradley Jardine — Sub-editor 
  • Jonathan Brown  — Sub-editor
  • Alastair Gill — Arts Editor 
  • Katie Davies — News 
  • Inna Kiyasova — Photo