June 21, 2016
Times The Moscow

When should I mail a package home for Christmas?

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2 years, 5 months ago Times The Moscow

For the regular postal service it is too late last August. But if you miss that deadline, you still have options. First, be certain your present is not made of precious metals, is not an antique, and is not in any of the forbidden categories — what is prohibited on airplanes. Second, dig around in your garbage pail until you find the receipt for your gift. Third, forget about the major courier companies: you need to sign a contract with them, and that is almost impossible for an individual to do. Fourth, don’t panic. Instead, go to IPS or Mailboxes, Etc. Both work with individuals and charge about 4,000 rubles ($60) to send a one-kilogram package to the U.S. — and less for Europe — to arrive in two-four days. Both will provide packing services, if you need it. And both will let you track your package’s voyage.For more information, see and