June 21, 2016
Times The Moscow

Where to Give Away English-Language Books?

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2 years ago Nikulina Nat

You could also try to leave them in the hall of the house you live in. I have lived in many places and have seen English books left not once - they all go in a few days.

2 years, 5 months ago Times The Moscow

What can do I with unwanted English books? TMT: Oddly, it's not easy to get rid of them in Moscow. Bookstores and antique shops with large used-books sections do not buy them, so be prepared to give up your books for free. Both American Centers accept used English books. Yes, that's right, both centers. After a fight, there are two of them now. Books are more than welcome at the old center; the new center takes them, too, but you need to call in advance. The Anglo-American School of Moscow doesn't accept books from people not associated with the school. But they do take them from students or parents, so make friends and pass on your books. The International School of Moscow will gladly accept books from anyone. And finally, Book Crossing has recently taken off in Moscow with shelves at many cafes and at most libraries, parks and even train stations. American Culture Center at the Foreign Languages Library: libfl.ruAmerican Center at the Embassy: amc.ru Anglo-American School: aas.ruInternational School: internationalschool.ruBook Crossing: bookcrossing.ru