June 30, 2016
Times The Moscow

How much caviar is too much caviar?

2 answers
2 years, 2 months ago Mayer Gregory

Doesn't exist so much caviar to have as much caviar, though there's as much caviar to have as much as your caviar soul wants.Caviar wish is unlimited.

2 years, 4 months ago Times The Moscow

There's never too much caviar, except when you're crossing the Russian border. Any expat or traveler returning home for Christmas will be familiar with the usual requests from friends and family at home: vodka, fur hat, funny Putin souvenirs and of course — caviar. But keep in mind that Russia has strict custom laws regarding salmon roe and caviar. An individual may only carry a maximum of 250 grams across the border. Furthermore, the product must be factory produced, meaning packed in airtight glass or plastic. In other words, beluga caviar sloshing around in a Tupperware container won't get past the customs folks, so don’t buy any from markets to bring home. If Granny is pleading for more than 250 grams, you can always use an international courier to bypass these restrictions.