June 30, 2016
Times The Moscow

Is an airport taxi the way to go with heavy luggage?

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2 years, 4 months ago Times The Moscow

Who doesn’t love the stress of travelling to the airport in Moscow, in winter, during the holidays? For most people the Aeroexpress train is the most convenient method of getting to your terminal. But a lot of people don’t know just how convenient it can be. If your international flight is departing from Domodedovo and you grabbing the Aeroexpress from Paveletsky Station, you can actually check-in at the Aeroexpress kiosks in the train station four hours before your flight. Once you’ve checked in, you can make your way to the airport baggage-free. Bliss. The Aeroexpress terminals in Belorussky and Kievsky stations also offer this service, but only for internal Russian flights. If you are traveling internally, you can check in at the train station up to 24 hours before your flight.