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Oct. 06, 2016
Гриффин Бенджамин

If 1 in 4 eligible voters chose United Russia, why do they hold 4 og 5 seats in the Duma?

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2 years, 2 months ago Гриффин Бенджамин

There's a word for 'single-member constituency' in English. Whenever you move or create them it's called Gerrymandering, and guaranteed half the seats before the vote was even called ... This isn't really fraud, for which there was so little evidence I was surprised that the bigger story of no-one coming to vote, or noting that 3/4 of russians didn't choose the party that now has a constitutional super-majority.

2 years, 2 months ago Левин Илья

Because 2/3 of the eligible voters did not bother to come to the so  called "vote" at all. That's how 1/4 becomes 3/4. It's not even to consider the ammount of fraud in those elections.