Russian Customs
Oct. 16, 2016
Фиона Абигэйл

How do I learn to balance in stilettos on the ice..?

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1 year, 12 months ago de Koninck Jan

Though I am always amazed at the ladies not only walking on stilettos during winter, but also by their seemingly lack of warm enough clothing. Beauty before anything. And I personally don't mind. It's an interesting sight I waited for every winter. But.....I also noticed the high amount of young ladies in Moscow with walking disabilities. Poor medical care after a slip on the ice gave these girls a lifetime of medical issues. So even though I am with you on the admiring part and the admiration it receives every year worldwide, it is something we as a society should stop doing. As the medical car isn't going to improve anytime soon, we better take away the cause. Ladies, please wear safe shoes in winter. Inner beauty is what really counts. Plus, Moscow summers allow you to go wild with stilettos and other beauty fashion.

2 years, 1 month ago Moore Ruth

TMT’s inimitable Michele Berdy believes that the talent Russian women have for walking on the ice is down to Darwin’s theory of evolution. I quote: “Genetic selection. Over the millennia, Russians who fell could not reproduce.” See her full article here: themoscowtimes.comI would support this argument. It’s kind of like how Scandinavians always have amazing frames for their glasses or how French women can carelessly throw on a scarf and transform into a screen siren. Of course you can spend the winter slipping and sliding around the center in heels — practice makes perfect — but why not take the cheat’s approach and just leave nice shoes in your office?