June 07, 2018

How much should I expect to pay for transport, food, drinks and entertainment?

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7 months, 2 weeks ago

Transport is one of the areas where Russia deserves a compliment. It is cheap and, at least for the metro and trains, right on time. One ride on the Moscow metro will cost you 55 rubles ($0.89) and that price will go down if you buy a card for multiple trips. The more trips, the cheaper each ride becomes. Moscow has the most expensive transport of all the World Cup host cities so you’ll spend even less when out of the capital. The average cheque at a restaurant in Moscow is slightly over 1,500 rubles ($24) while in St. Petersburg it is 1,105 rubles ($17.80). Again, expect prices in other host cities to be smaller. Grocery stores are a good way to cut down on expenses and they are easy to find even in city centers. Azbuka Vkusa (Азбука Вкуса) is on the upper scale, while Auchan (Ашан), Dixy (Дикси) and Pyaterochka (Пятерочка) are some of the more prominent middle-range brands. Entertainment prices will vary depending on whether you’re headed to the Bolshoi Theater (prepare to spend big), a less famous art production (expect to spend 1,000 to 4,000 rubles) or an art museum. St. Petersburg’s Hermitage and Moscow’s Tretyakov Gallery are the most famous and expensive in the museum category (680 and 500 rubles, respectively), while other museums will be far cheaper to visit.