May 14, 2018

Can I go shirtless during the World Cup?

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8 months, 2 weeks ago

There is something about football matches that makes men want to take their shirts off and paint their torsos with patriotic colors. Luckily for football fans, there is no law in Russia to stop them from baring it all to show their team allegiance or even walking around without a shirt on, though we don’t recommend this for women. Walking around without a shirt will be considered in bad taste, but is not illegal. The Russian law that comes closest to barring public nudity concerns “small acts of hooliganism,” which encompasses breaking other people’s property, swearing heavily in public and generally showing disrespect for others. So, legally speaking, if you are naked, but not swearing or smashing things, you would not be guilty of breaking this law. That said, don’t expect ordinary Russians to applaud your natural look and the policemen not to take notice of you.