May 14, 2018

How do I avoid scammers with fake World Cup tickets?

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6 months ago

There are a lot of people searching for last-minute tickets to World Cup matches in Russia. There are also plenty of tickets on offer for resale — just scanning forums and social media will give you a multitude of options. Don’t fall for them. FIFA is very strict about ticket resales and has put up all kinds of barriers to prevent scalpers from making a profit. Each ticket has the buyer’s name on it and an embedded chip with their information. You are not allowed to resell, donate your tickets or transfer your ticket in any way without consent from FIFA. It is an offense under the Russian law and is also a risky move — if you buy a resold ticket, it doesn’t guarantee your entry to the match. Unofficially resold tickets will also prevent you from registering for a Fan ID, which you need to enter Russia without a visa and to enter the stadiums for matches. If you have extra tickets that you want to sell, you need to submit them back to FIFA on the Official Resale Platform at You can do this online if your tickets have not been printed or over-the-counter if your tickets have already been printed. In the latter case, there is the option of sending your tickets via courier either to Moscow or Manchester.