May 09, 2018

I like my beer. What are the rules in Russia regarding drinking?

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6 months, 2 weeks ago

You must be at least 18 years old to purchase any kind of alcohol in Russia, so be prepared to be asked for your passport at check-out counters and even in restaurants if you’re buying alcohol. (Trust us: even if you’re well in your thirties you’re not safe.) Drinking in public is not allowed and punishable by fines and, for foreigners, even deportation. Drinking from a bottle that is inside a paper bag will not save you from the wrath of the police. Neither will re-pouring alcohol into water bottles or other containers. Being drunk in public is also punishable by a fine or up to 15 days in prison. There is likely to be additional scrutiny in and around the stadiums: Bringing your own alcohol into official venues on match days is strictly prohibited. These are the official rules but it’s possible the authorities could turn a blind eye. Nevertheless, beware you’ll attract the attention of the police — which you want to avoid to begin with.