May 09, 2018

What’s this about having to register upon arrival in Russia for the World Cup?

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6 months, 1 week ago

Russia’s already tight migration rules will be even more strict during the 2018 World Cup. We spoke to a lawyer at the Federal Migration Service to find out the exact rules in the period leading up to, and during, the international tournament. This is what we found: — As a foreigner, you are obliged to register at your place of stay within 24 hours of arriving in Russia, weekends and holidays are no exceptions. — The 24-hour rule applies to all foreigners arriving in any of the 11 World Cup host cities from May 25 until July 25. — Hotels and hostels typically handle the paperwork once you provide the required documents at check-in. The process is trickier for rented apartments. To get registered at an apartment, you need to go to a local branch of the Russian Interior Ministry with your landlord (addresses of Moscow branches can be found here: https://77.мвд.рф/folder/2930367) with the following documents: 1. A copy (and the original) of your migration card, which you will receive when you cross the border into the country. 2. Your passport. 3. The original and copy of your visa or FAN ID, which doubles as a visa. 4. If you stayed at another Russian city during the same trip, also bring your registration slip from that city. — Once you receive the registration slip, carry it with you at all times, together with your passport. The Federal Migration Service has warned police will stop fans to check if they have been registered. Penalties range from fines starting at 5,000 rubles ($78) to the risk of deportation. — These rules also apply not only if you are a football fan or volunteer at the 2018 World Cup, but also for anyone coming to Russia during the tournament period, including skilled specialists. Tip: There are specialist visa centers in the country that help foreigners sort out their migration documents, including registration slips, for a fee.