Wife Seeks Rotenberg’s Billions

Aug. 16 2013 — 17:41
Aug. 16 2013 — 17:41

Arkady Rotenberg’s second wife, Natalya, could walk off with a hefty chunk of the businessman’s billions as divorce proceedings draw to a close.

Rotenberg, who was President Vladimir Putin’s judo sparring partner during their teen years, is worth $3.3 billion, making him the 31st richest man in Russia, according to Forbes.

The couple filed for divorce in March 2013, and at the end of April the split was authorized. The decision was mutual, the businessman’s lawyer Filipp Ryabchenko told Vedomosti.

Although the divorce has been finalized, the question of whether or not Rotenberg’s wife is entitled to any of his assets has yet to be resolved, the pair’s lawyers said.

Natalya Rotenberg has filed a claim asking for the marriage contract between the pair to be declared invalid.

If her claim succeeds, she could get half of the wealth acquired by Arkady Rotenberg since they married in 2005.

Ryabchenko said that an equal split was unlikely because the contract was notarized and satisfies all legal requirements.

The Tushino District Court will consider the claim on Sept. 4.

Companies associated with Mr. Rotenberg have received more than 1 trillion rubles ($30 billion) in state contracts over the last five years, Forbes reported. He owns shares in a bank, a number of commodities traders and a building contractor.

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