Russian Opposition TV Dozhd Producer Attacked Outside Moscow Home

Sep. 15 2014 — 11:00
Ksenia Batanova, head producer of the Dozhd independent television channel.

The head producer of the Dozhd independent television channel has been hospitalized with concussion and a facial fracture after unidentified assailants attacked her outside her home in central Moscow.

Ksenia Batanova was hit in the face "more than 10 times" before losing consciousness, after which her two attackers made off with her cell phone and earrings, Dozhd reported on its website Sunday.

Police are investigating the attack, a spokesperson for the Moscow branch of the Interior Ministry told the TASS news agency. An unidentified law-enforcement official added that investigators thought robbery was the most likely motive of the Friday night attack and that any connection with Batanova's work appeared unlikely.

Batanova, who was still in a hospital on Sunday, said her attackers remained silent as they were beating her, Dozhd reported.

As a member of an electoral commission, Batanova had been scheduled to work at a balloting station in Moscow during Sunday's elections to the city's legislature, Dozhd reported.

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