Russian Man to Build Copy of 'The Simpsons' House in Moscow Region

Jan. 12 2015 — 17:28
Jan. 12 2015 — 17:28
While the unnamed man's enthusiasm is admirable, he's not the first to build a copy of the iconic home at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

A die-hard fan of U.S. television show "The Simpsons" has taken things to a new level, with plans to build an exact replica of the animated family's house outside Moscow.

The order for the house came from a 35-year-old technical director of a large foreign company who plans to live there full-time with his wife and child, news agency Interfax reported, citing the Nanokarkas construction company, which was hired to build the house.

The project is expected to cost some 5 million rubles ($80,000), the company said.

While the unnamed man's enthusiasm is admirable, he's not the first to build a copy of the iconic home at 742 Evergreen Terrace.

Another painstakingly accurate replica was built by Kaufman & Broad Home Construction in Henderson, Nevada, in 1997. The Fox television network, which carries "The Simpsons," joined up with the construction firm and beverage company Pepsi to raffle off the house as grand prize in a contest called "The Simpsons House Giveaway."

However, the contest winner ultimately opted for a cash prize instead, leaving the house to the whims of the general market. It was soon remodeled and now bears little resemblance to its cartoon forebear.

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