Nov. 30 2017 - 15:11

Moscow Among Top Three Most Popular Places on Earth to Instagram

On Wednesday, Instagram announced the world's favorite photo spots in 2017. Unsurprisingly, Moscow made the top three, after New York and London. 

From the bright lights and looming skyscrapers of the Moskva City business district to the iconic Red Square, the Moscow River and even the busy roads around it — which, at the right time of day can make for great shots — here are some of the most stunning Instagram posts from Moscow.

Dream of Moscow🌃💫 #beautifuldestinations #sonyalpha #sonyphotorussia #AmplifyIngenuity

Публикация от tømrus (@tomrus)

#Moscow #Russia Photo by @elenakrizhevskaya Tag @awesome_globepix to be featured!

Публикация от Nature - Travel (@awesome_globepix)

Beautiful Moscow 🏙

Публикация от МОСКВА (@moscow.moskva)

Доброе утро столица ☕️

Публикация от Москва (@m_o_s_c_o_w)

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