April 20 2017 - 17:04

Moscow: News and Openings



Noodles do the talking 

Chiho, which means “glutton” in Chinese, was designed by St. Petersburg architect Yevgeniya Uzhegova and its interior is covered with Chinatown-style graffiti. Warning - the chef comes from China’s Shandong province and doesn’t speak a word of English or Russian. You can’t go wrong choosing one of the four types of noodles (glass, soba, udon or rice) with beef, chicken, shrimp or veggies, from 290 rubles ($5). 

Palisander Gallery 

Hip new exhibition space

New gallery Palisander opened its doors last weekend at Tryokhgornaya Manufaktura, a former textile plant that’s recently become a magnet for hip Muscovites. The gallery is located in a 19th-century workshop reconstructed by the architectural bureau Wowhaus, known for its work on Strelka Institute and Krymskaya Naberezhnaya. The gallery is also planning an educational program with lectures and workshops.

Beef Royal 

Smoking is still in fashion 

Beef Royal is a new restaurant by Alexander Sorkin, best known for his Motel and Mendeleev bars. Apart from traditional meat fare (steaks, ribs, the works), there’s pastrami, khinkali (dumplings) with Black Angus beef for 650 rubles ($11.30) and grilled fish (turbot for 2,200 rubles). Some of the dishes are cooked at low temperatures and then smoked using special wood for fragrancy (apple, cherry or maple). 

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