Bus Carrying Russian Tourists Flips on Side in Greece, Killing 4

Sep. 17 2012 — 00:00
Sep. 17 2012 — 00:00
An emergency worker standing near the bus that turned on its side while taking Russian tourists to an airport in Greece on Friday.

A bus carrying Russian tourists to an airport in northeast Greece lost control on a wet road and turned onto its side, killing four passengers and injuring around 30 others.

The bus transporting 49 Russian tourists and a Russian guide was a few kilometers from the airport near the city of Thessaloniki when it hit a wet patch of road at around 4 a.m. and slid into a ditch, Russian consul in Thessaloniki Alexei Nebogatov told Interfax.

According to a preliminary assessment, the bus's Greek driver, who was not injured in the crash, lost control of the vehicle on the slippery road, Nebogatov said.

The Russian consul said four passengers had been killed in the crash and 30 people had been injured, with two of the injured being in critical condition. He said the injured tourists, who were on trips arranged through the company Muzinidis Travel, had been taken to a hospital in Thessaloniki.

Muzinidis Travel general director Alexandra Tsandekidi told Interfax that the tourists had been going to the airport to board flights to St. Petersburg and Samara. She said the injured vacationers would be put up in hotels in Thessaloniki until they could travel home, while those who were not injured will fly to Russia on Friday.

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